Previous advice for a good collection planning

In case of new designers, or brands looking for a reorientation, it is important a previous meeting where the planning of this collection is considered. A good study of brand measurements is very important in order to acknowledge our potential audience, what base size are we choosing to test the samples and  what size set and increments we are going to use to reach the maximum audience.

More information on how a collection is developed.

Completion of the Technical Sheet

Usually it is the client who provides us with it to start developing the pattern, but if they don’t have it we can also prepare it in PATTLAB.

Physical pattern digitization

In case you want to digitize a pattern on paper or cardboard, we have a digitizing table. The pattern is digitized and retouched to be able to work with it if needed. We can also clone garments for later conversion into digital patterns.

Pattern development

Once the Technical Sheet has been prepared (or received from the client), the pattern is developed digitally with Gerber AccuMark ® software. If necessary, the patterns are exported in different formats to adapt to the software used by our clients. Full compatibility is always verified to avoid conversion mistakes. We supply our customers with a private area on our website so that they can access their work files whenever they need them.


As SAMPLE ROOM, we have our own workshop and team of garment makers where we tailor the developed patterns (flat woven and circular knitting).

3D prototyping

In order to reduce development time and avoid prototyping costs, we are incorporating this new service that greatly streamlines the process for both collections and specific models.

Garment Fitting

We have a dedicated room in our PATTLAB Study where we test the garments made with our customers, both to see if any retouching is necessary and to give the go-ahead to their production.

Shrinkage applying

Patterns are modified depending on the behavior of the fabric that will be used.

Printing on paper or cardboard

Finished patterns can be delivered, apart from digital format, printed on paper or cardboard. It is also a service that we offer separately for those who need to print patterns not developed by PATTLAB.

Fabric consumption calculation

Depending on the fabric, consumption can be calculated in order to forecast the production costs of the model.