Pattern development and prototyping study

PATTLAB (from Pattern Laboratory ) offers a comprehensive service in the process of creating the models of a fashion collection, from the moment we receive the design until we send it for its production process (preparation of technical sheets, development of patterns, prototyping, fitting service, pattern rectification and scaling).

PATTLAB arises when we confirm the need for fashion companies to have external pattern studies that collaborate closely with them and provide them with more capacity and flexibility. That’s why, for more than twelve years, we have always been committed to bringing digital innovation to the textile sector. Proof of this is that we are currently introducing 3D prototyping to streamline the creation process and save our customers time and money.

We are a demanding and perfectionist team. We always try to offer the best of ourselves and, as designers, we appreciate and like to be involved in our clients’ projects as if they were our own. We bring our experience and advice at all stages to avoid last-minute surprises that could cause problems in the production process (good communication is key to achieving this).

We also adapt to all kinds of projects. Clients with very specific requirements, “fast fashion” clients with significant production volumes (and short delivery times) or new designers and “slow fashion” brands that need an advisory process to develop their collections.