How a collection is developed

After a long time advising and giving our service to all kinds of clients, at PATTLAB we believe that it may be useful to offer a small guide on how the development process of a fashion collection is:


The client provides us with the design sheet for the garment, as well as the fabrics and trimmings with which it will be made. If necessary, PATTLAB can be in charge of preparing this sheet.


We exchange all kinds of information with the designer and ask him any questions that may arise. In the event that it is not very clear which are the finishes that the garment must take, we advise you to achieve both an attractive appearance and to anticipate any problems that may arise in your production.


We develop the pattern, print it and send it to the client (in digital or paper format, according to their needs).


We cut and make the garment with the materials provided by the client.


We proceed to fit or test the piece on a model to improve design aspects or to lay the garment.


We rectify the pattern and scale it to fit your sample (one garment per size). We apply shrinkages to the pattern, if necessary.


The sample book is reviewed to confirm that everything is fine for your production. If necessary, adjust the pattern and apply the corresponding shrinks again.


Production is carried out in a specialized workshop.